Baked Reuben Dip

Unfortunately, this year Jesse and I are not able to fly home to Ohio for the holidays. It felt a little strange to not have ANY Christmas parties to attend this year, so we had to do something about that. In order to keep the Christmas spirit alive we decided to host our own party. When planning the party I thought there were 2 directions I could go in – fancy shmancy dinner party or classic family style, with lots of old stand-by favorite appetizers. Then I realized there was no real competition, classic family style won!

The party was on Saturday and we had a really great time. Just a few close friends gathered around a table full of my favorite appetizers, desserts, and of course a batch of egg nog. This dip was one of the big hits at the party. There’s something about this combination of ingredients that even non-sauerkraut fans can love. In fact, one of my guests had to change her seat because she was afraid she would eat all of the dip herself if she sat in front of it!