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Many of you have likely long abandoned your subscribe notifications for this sad and neglected blog, so I very well could be talking to myself today. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here so I certainly I understand. In my last post (from 2 years ago!) I gave some excuses as to why I don’t post anymore. Those remain mostly true.

I still cook, though not with as much originality or excitement. I still make new recipes, though not as often. I still take photos, though of very different things. And I’m OK with that. Happy even.

So the truth is, I’m not here to talk about delicious new recipes today. I’m here to tell you what I’ve been up to!

Part of me becoming a mom meant that my blog and my cooking took a back seat. Something else that took the backseat was me! I fell into a slump of wearing the same 4 things in rotation and feeling generally not so great about myself. Then something happened! I found clothes that made me feel, well, amazing! These were clothes that made me feel good, look good, and were comfortable. I started dressing for ME. Wearing beautiful colors and fun prints and trying new styles. Maybe you know where I am going with this… I’m talking about LuLaRoe.

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Photo credit: D. Hendrickson Photography

So after a few months of filling my closet with new pieces and noticing a change in the way I felt about myself, I started to look into the company. What I found was that this family owned company was all about lifting people up, empowering women, and serving others. This was a message I could get behind. One that I could be proud to teach my daughter. Something I wanted to extend to others. So I drank the Koolaid and I joined as a consultant. And it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I feel like ME. But a better, more stylish, more confident, happier version of me!

So that’s what I’m doing now. Juggling my awesomely spunky toddler, work, and LuLaRoe. Selling amazing skirts, dresses, tops, and the famous buttery soft leggings! (See, BUTTER! This post is kind of food related!) Spending my time helping to lift other women up and help them find clothes that make them feel beautiful, too! (Not difficult when we carry so many different styles, prints, and sizes! XXS-3XL)

Photo Credit: D. Hendrickson Photography out of Carpentersville, IL

Photo Credit: D. Hendrickson Photography out of Carpentersville, IL

I am NOT going to turn this blog into a giant advertisement for my business. All food posts will remain up and maybe I’ll even post more one day. BUT, if you’d like to check it out and see what all the fuss is about, that would be pretty cool, too! And if you happen to join my VIP page and purchase something from me (ahem, maybe during my Facebook party this weekend!) then maybe I’ll give you free shipping on your first order, just message me and let me know you found my VIP page through my blog. Or, if you’re interested in hosting a Facebook party (you can earn free clothes!) you can join my Facebook group and message me! Or, if you already know LuLaRoe and have thought about becoming a consultant, you can contact me through FB or send me an email through this page!! I’d be happy to talk to you about it.

Photo credit: D. Hendrickson Photography

Photo credit: D. Hendrickson Photography

OK, I’m all done with the sales pitch, I promise! Now I’m off to decide what to make for dinner. I just got a new Instant Pot and it’s kind of changed things for the better around here! Dry beans to soup in 45 minutes! Wow!

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